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I wrote a small code in C in which two struct types were defined which have members of each other in their definition. Case 1: If the struct foo is defined before struct bar, the code is compiled as expected. Case 2: If struct foo is defined after struct bar it will not compile which is also expected as there is no way to know the memory requirement of a struct foo variable. But I was expecting it will compile if a forward declaration of struct foo is used in case 2. But it does not work. What am I missing?


struct foo; // forward declaration

struct bar
  int a;
  struct bar *next;
  struct foo ch;

struct foo
  struct bar *n;
  struct foo *nx;

int main()
  struct bar p;
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Forward declaration still doesn't know anything about memory requirement of foo. –  Michael Ivko Jun 5 at 9:01
swap the order of foo and bar. forward declare bar. struct foo ch requires foo to be completely defined, struct bar * n only requires bar to be declared –  Erik Jun 5 at 9:02
If foo and bar are swapped, forward declaration of bar is not required as foo members are pointer data types. –  anupamb Jun 5 at 9:07

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forward declaration only informs the compiler that there is something that is called foo it does nothing says about size. you can use foo* since this is a pointer of known size but not foo itself because the size is unknwon, so the compiler does not know how the memory layout of barshould look like.

And the compiler only do a single pass through your document. so it cannot know the strucutre that is defined ahead.

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Thanks! I get it now. –  anupamb Jun 5 at 9:29

A declaration also can't let the compiler know how to allocate the memory.

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In your struct foo the element nx is a pointer, so defining struct foo doesn't require memery size. However, on struct bar the element ch is not a pointer, so the defining struct bar needs to know the size of struct foo. The forward declaration doesn't specify the memory size, the definition does.

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