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After driving myself mad scanning the Internet for a solution, I decided to ask someone more experienced than me.

What I am looking for is a thin client with some most particular characteristics:

  • On boot, a predefined RDP connection must start

  • The user must have no interaction with the thin client itself

  • When the RDP connection is closed, the system must be shut down

  • It must offer a wide range of clients (around 150 at a time on the same server)

We don't mind if it is not free.

We already tryed 2Xos and Thinstation, but they just don't fit our needs.

The current OS of the (old) machines to be converted is Windows XP Pro, with 2 Gigs of RAM and 1GHz of single-core processor.

We also have a lot of Raspberry Pi boards, wich we can use if we don't find a proper solution for the other machines.

Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks, Riccardo

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