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I am customizing OpenERP. I need to display a notification message to all "Purchase Managers" as soon as a product created by user.

I saw a message is created under settings -> Email -> Messages by saying "Product Created". However it is not displaying for the managers under main menu Messaging -> Inbox.

I want put this message as notification for managers. However, not able to find any good documentation in Google.

Correct me if I am missing any basic logic.

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Try to inherit the product module and override the create method like this:

def create(self, cr, uid, datas, context=None):
    new_id = super(class_name, self).create(cr, uid, datas, context=context)
    self.log_prod(cr, uid, new_id, context)
    return new_id

def log_prod(self, cr, uid, ids, context=None):
    product = self.pool.get('product.product').browse(cr, uid, ids)
    msg = "Product %s has been created" %
    msg_id = self.message_post(cr, uid, ids, body=msg, context=context)
    notif_obj = self.pool.get('mail.notification')
    all_groups = self.pool.get('res.groups')
    h1m_group = all_groups.browse(
                    [('name','=','Access Rights')],
    for ids in h1m_group[0].users:
                    'read': False,
                    'message_id': msg_id,
    return True
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