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Date on Safari for IOS get's converted to string during save/load

Chrome for Mac

  1. Saving object with date field ( = new Date()) to PouchDB database
  2. Read the same object - typeof === object (and it's a proper Date)

Safari for iOS

  1. Saving object with date field ( = new Date()) to PouchDB database
  2. Read the same object - typeof === string

So, in Chrome I get type persisted and on Safari not. Problem is when using this field in - Works on chrome but not on Safari

Is it normal? or a Bug? Should I manually convert string to Date (ugly and I think it;s PouchDB role)

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see this issue but the short answer is that IndexedDB (the backend in chrome) can handle date objects but WebSQL (used in safari) can not.

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I responded on GitHub, but for the benefit of people on StackOverflow here's the link:

Edit: To clarify and not just link to the GitHub issue...

PouchDB is modeled after CouchDB, which expects JSON objects, not arbitrary JavaScript objects. Out of all our backends (IndexedDB, WebSQL, LevelDB, and CouchDB), IndexedDB is actually the odd one out, because it's able to store more than just what you'd get with a JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(myDoc)).

However there is a real bug here in that IndexedDB is behaving differently from WebSQL, and I've opened a PR to fix that: Really IndexedDB should convert the Dates to strings before storing them, so you don't see inconsistent behavior across different backends.

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