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I am experiencing weird behaviour while debugging a page written in vb.net. I have a classing aspx page and on the load() event on that page there is the following code:

divNewsLine.InnerHtml = ""
divNewsLine.Visible = False
If Not news Is Nothing Then
    divNewsLine.InnerHtml = news.MessageText
divNewsLine.Visible = True              
    'divNewsLine.Attributes.Add("style", "background:blue")
End If

I set a breakpoint in the visible assignment and after step to other line I can see that the visible property is still False. divNewsLine is an Id of a div in the aspx page that has the runat="server" attribute.

Any ideas why is this property False?

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I am getting crazy with this! Even if I change the value while debuging it doesn't allow me, it returns automatically to false. –  Bonomi Jun 6 at 11:19

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