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If I have a string that looks like either




How do I get just the "./A/B/" part? The direction of the slashes can be the same as they are passed.

This problem kinda boils down to: How do I get the last of a specific character in a string?

Basically, I want the path of a file without the file part of it.

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Normally os.path.dirname() is used for this.

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All the rest of the answers were right, but yours was shortest. Thank you. :) –  Clark Gaebel Mar 9 '10 at 1:26

I believe you are looking for os.path.split. It splits the path into head and tail... tail being the file, head being the path up to the file.

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>>> p="./A/B/c.d"
>>> import os
>>> os.path.split(p)
('./A/B', 'c.d')
>>> os.path.split(p)[0]
>>> os.path.dirname(p)
>>> p.rsplit("/",1)[0]
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