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I am using Eclipse Kepler, build ID 4.3.2.M20140221-1700 with SVNKit1.8.3. So far, this has worked fine.

Due to a corrupted .project file, I had to delete and re-import the project I'm working on into Eclipse, and since then, I am unable to commit to the SVN repository (SVN-Eclipse throws an SVNConnectorException, due to an SVNAuthenticationException; this is all the information that I have in Eclipse's logs and messages).

I can commit the same files to the same repository from the CLI and from TortoiseSVN without an problems. Within Eclipse, I can do all other SVN operations on the repository (which all use the exact same authentication data). Nothing was changed on the side of the SVN server.

I have tried de-installing and re-installing SVN-Eclipse, but keep running into the same problem.

Any helpful tips are welcome - from the data I have I cannot think of anything else to try.

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You may accept and/or upvote the answer if it helped. Thanks! – bahrep Aug 28 '14 at 13:05
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Thanks. As to your first point: the paths are unchanged (and like I said, repo-browsing, update, diff, etc. all use the exact same credentials and have no issues - neither had commit until after I had to re-import the project). As to your second point: I don't have log-viewing access to the SVN server (and our IT staff has gone home for the day already), but like I mentioned, the problem only happens inside Eclipse (my non-eclipse clients using the same credentials works fine for all operations.) – Conzo77 Jun 5 '14 at 14:45
@conzo77 show the exact and complete wording of the error. I still strongly suggest verifying the URL you've entered in Eclipse character by character. E.g. checkout a new working copy using 100% correct URL of the project and see if you get the same error. – bahrep Jun 6 '14 at 9:38

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