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I'm just attempting to add some data in bulk.

I firstly connect then iterate through dictionary items, creating each query to update the zip_ids table, which is mysql based. Below is how I am doing this:

connection = _mysql.connect(host="xxx",user = "user", passwd="123", db="mine")
for id, zip in id_zip.items():
    query += """UPDATE zip_ids SET zip = %s id = %s;"""% (zip,id) 
print query    
    cur = connection.cursor()
    connection.execute(query, multi=True)
except _mysql.connector.Error as err:
    print 'issue in Execution of adding zip', str(e)

Issue is that I keep getting an exception thrown:

Exception 'module' object has no attribute 'connector'

How can I resolve this exception? What is its cause? Is the code for adding data in bulk correct?

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What is _msql here? Where is that imported from? Presumably the except _mysql.connector.Error as err: line is throwing the exception, so you need to tell us more about where that module comes from. – Martijn Pieters Jun 5 '14 at 13:55
forgot to import mysql.connector? – Pavel Jun 5 '14 at 13:56
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It's telling you that the _mysql module has no attribute named connector.

I usually use ipython to learn about modules I know nothing about.

In [1]: import _mysql
In [2]: _mysql.conn

Then I hit the tab key to see what auto completes and I get

_mysql.connect     _mysql.connection

Tab-completing on _mysql.connection. shows me that _mysql.connection.error exists. Then I do

In [4]: ?_mysql.connection.error
Type:       method_descriptor
String Form:<method 'error' of '_mysql.connection' objects>
Returns the error message for the most recently invoked API function
that can succeed or fail. An empty string () is returned if no error

As for adding bulk data, I think you're mixing up the APIs of two different python modules. You're using _mysql but I think what you really want is MySQLdb: http://mysql-python.sourceforge.net/MySQLdb.html

Hope this helps!

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