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I am trying to automate setting up a new wireless profile in Atheros Client utility. I need a way of having an executable that can run on a remote computer and add a new profile with preset password and all. Can't find any API to interact with Atheros Client utility, so I tried creating a GUI automation test using Test Automation Fx

It works great but I have two problems:

1) The password gets typed up on the screen, if I run this utility on a remote computer, I don't want the operator to see the password! Is there a workaround?

2) The tests work fine, but they don't seem reliable. After restarting the computer and running the same application, test automation fx often breaks.

3) While the test is being run, if the user presses random keys, or clicks on something, it messes up the entire test.

Does anyone have an alternative solution for this problem? Possibly an API i can interact with in C#.

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