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I am looking for a solution to replace the use of our google docs that we currently use as bandwidth is an issue... we are located in an area where we can only get dsl for internet and as we are using too much of the bandwidth we are having issues with google docs becoming unusable and slow.....

Also when we cannot edit in real-time between billing and recievables departments when the internet is down, but we are on the same network and already currently have a couple in house servers deployed for some of our existing software.

Is there an alternative that supports real time collaborative spreadsheet editing & document editing (i have looked into options like fengoffice community edition which seems more like a version control setup for spreadsheet editing)....

I know this question is around on the internet, but i have not been able to find something where it allows in house real-time collaborative spread sheet that is as usable as GoogleDocs...

I would also like to be cross-platform compatible and try to stay away for MS-office solutions as i have had Little luck with any MS-office collaboration...

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Do you really want a spreadsheet, or can you do this work with a database? There are a lot of database solutions that support multiple users very well. Databases do most things that a spreadsheet does only better. You might run some reports out of the database in spreadsheet form, but keep the source data in a database for communal editing. You may need to hire a database expert to get you set up if you are unfamiliar with databases. Don't use Microsoft Access if you're going for something multi-user, try MySQL or another true server based implementation. (MySQL is the free option) –  Denise Skidmore Jun 5 at 14:17
See this thread: webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/14552/… –  cpilko Jun 5 at 14:34
@DeniseSkidmore I want to use speadsheet style interface because the people that will be using the software A) know an excel or Google Docs style interface and commands. And B) need to have the functions and support of a spreadsheet style interface. ie sum, and other functions. –  Friendlyghost89 Jun 5 at 15:18
@cpilko I have seen that thread and it didn't really have what we were looking for. However one thing that is close would be Ethercalc. Just need a custom csv export or modifiable and a lookup/find feature that scans the document not just what is on the given screen... –  Friendlyghost89 Jun 5 at 18:27

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