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How am I supposed to do to send bulk emails with dynamics subjects?

For example, If I need to send 200 emails at once, I don't want to call the Mandrill send() method 200 times because I suppose it's a very bad practice.

I'd want to call the send() method 1 time, putting my 200 recipients in the to attribute (this works well). However, in that case, how to set a different mail subject for each mail sent?


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Given the anatomy of an e-mail in Mandril is based upon subject and body (or template) to define a unique entity what you are asking to do isn't possible. A different subject or body constitutes a different e-mail and requires it's own .send().

If the same e-mail (same subject and body/template) was being sent to all receipts then a single .send() would work.

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You can use merge tags within your subject to change the subject line for each user.


You can provide a default value for your merge tag and/or for each/some users personalised data.

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