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I use Amazon s3 to store my photos. When i upload it, I set a expire date header, so when i get that image from the url it come with a response 304.

Now I have a custom url for show the image in my application, as the following:


a generic url for my pictures can be:


when is fired the url, it is triggered the method respondImage

class ImageController extends BaseController {

  public function respondImage()

      $nameImage = Input::get('image');
      $urlBucket = 'www.myamazonbucket.com/';

      $imageUrl = $urlBucket.$nameImage;

      $readImage = file_get_contents($imageUrl);

      return Response::make($readImage,200, array('Content-Type' => 'image/jpeg'));



My problem is that I couldn't find a proper way to check the header of the image. In this way even if the image is cached will be always loaded doing an HTTP request because I always send the response as 200.

I need to find a way to enable this browser caching by my application and amazon s3. Any suggest will be really appreciated

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