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I have java code with many System.out.println() added. One of them is at the start of the "main" method. When I start the code in NetBeans, I see the console output with all these println.

When I start the class in Jenkins/ant with fork&spawn set to true (as a separate task), it runs, but no println is put to the Jenkins console.

Can I make System.out.println to write to Jenkins console?

I have found an interesting repaired Jenkins issue, they say "a variable 'out' of the object model can be used to write messages to the build console" How?

Edit: In the same project, the applications that are not spawned output their stdout into the Jenkins console OK.

Edit 2. Please, Notice that I want to output to Jenkins console, not to a file.

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TaskListener of Jenkins has a method getLogger() using which you can print in the console output. System.out.println will not be redirected to Console output in Jenkins.

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And how can I reach it from inside the code? "you can print" - how? –  Gangnus Jun 6 '14 at 14:39
If you're extending perform in your plugin, you can reach to getLogger through BuildListener –  bram Jun 9 '14 at 5:19

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