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Socket 0.9 and Earlier

Previously in Socket.io 0.9 there was an exposed method under namespace.$emit(...) which allowed you to use the NodeJS EventEmitter functionality to bind on events.


This could be used to emit events within the same socket.io without needing to do any sort of external client or other method.

Socket.io 1.0

It appears in Socket.io 1.0 this was removed in favor of a private variable.

Is there an official method or best way to send and receive socket.io events within the same application without needing to use socket.io-client and connect to the server?


I've worked around the issue for now by creating my own callback registration, but I would much rather use socket.io to internally listen on it's own events and utilize it's namespaces.

socketIO.register = function(event, callback){
    socketIO.registeredEvents = socketIO.registeredEvents || {};
    socketIO.registeredEvents[event] = socketIO.registeredEvents[event] || [];
socketIO.emitInternal = function(event, eventData){
    if(!socketIO.registeredEvents[event] || socketIO.registeredEvents[event].length === 0) return;
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