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I'm trying to change the color of the axis lines in a render.

CubeAxesActor has SetZAxesLinesProperty which accepts SetColor(0, 1, 1) but I'm not seeing anything like that in CubeAxesActor2D?

Code that changes the text label color:

m_axes->SetAxisTitleTextProperty(SetColor(0, 1, 1));

I'm trying something like:

m_axes->SetZAxesLinesProperty(SetColor(0, 1, 1));

But that function is missing from CubeAxesActor2D.

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Maybe you should in another way:
1. vtkCubeAxesActor2D has a method for each axis that return a vtkAxisActor2D
vtkAxisActor2D * GetXAxisActor2D ();
2. vtkAxisActor2D has a protected attribute that allows acces to the a vtkActor2D
vtkActor2D * AxisActor;
3. The vtkActor2D has a method to access the object properties
vtkProperty2D * GetProperty ();
4. And finally you can use the method for change the color
SetColor (double, double, double);

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