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Is there any way to use adf bindings in jsf page fragments?

When I create jsf page fragment and layout my components without any binding and when I add this page fragment on my destination page all work well, but when I use adf binding in page fragments it doesn't work.

How can I deal with data binding in fragment within jsf page?

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Your question is unclear. ADF bindings are created by JDeveloper when you drop a data control item into a page fragment. –  Sydney Jun 5 at 17:59
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You have to provide page definition file for this page and register it in Databinding.cpx, you can do it simply right-click in your page fragment and choose "Create page definition".
Although jdeveloper will do it for you automatically if you drag&drop anything that require binding on your page fragment.

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A JSF page fragment in this use case is no different than a "standard" ADF Faces page. You might find these links useful. Good tutorials and free online training: here, here, and here.

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