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I have the following in mind and I'm not sure how to realize it nicely.

  1. Drupal 7 serves many nodes from several different taxonomies
  2. If I visit a taxonomy page e.g. example.com/category-one/taxonomy-term-one I get a list of all the corresponding nodes
  3. If I click on one of the list nodes, I get to the page example.com/content-type/node-name
  4. There are some special nodes in this list, when I click on them, I get to the following special page node-name.example.com. This page is exactly the content like example.com/content-type/node-name but in this case, only the subdomain URL is accessible and example.com/content-type/node-name doesn't exist to avoid content duplication.

The first 3 items are easy standard tasks: The Pathauto module handles all the taxonomy url alias tasks etc.

The 4th item is my problem. My idea so far: The subdomain node-name.example.com just references a special folder under the drupal root, which contains some logic to determine the name of the node according to the subdomain. With the given subdomain I get the node id and just load all the stuff from drupals db with a service implemented for this usecase.


  1. Ist it possible to give a drupal node an absolute url alias like node-name.example.com just like node-category/node-name?
  2. Are there any problems going to be concerning drupals $baseurl/site configuration?
  3. As I'm editing everything just over the example.com/node/node-id/edit there should be no problems with the editing functionality, no?
  4. What remains to be done?

Did anybody had to fulfill a similar apporach and could share some thoughts regarding my approach?

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