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I have a production server hosted in mongohq with version 2.4.6. I need to add text index to one of the collections. I tried using the below command from mongo client connecting to my remote server:

db.logs.ensureIndex({title: 'text', description: 'text'})

By default, we cannot add index to production server, since it is restricted by mongohq. But I need to restart the server like below to enable text search:

mongod --setParameter textSearchEnabled=true

But this is possible only for local servers.

Does anyone know how to get this done on remote mongohq server?

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Try this in mongoclient "mongo", it should work for you

db.adminCommand( { setParameter : 1, textSearchEnabled : true } )

also check out these links, they may be helpful

mongodb: enable textSearch

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I have added some links checkout if they can be a help to you. – user3266530 Jun 6 '14 at 2:29
The first link was helpful since it says not to enable text-search on production. But still need to know the reason. Thank you. – Abhilash Chelankara Jun 6 '14 at 5:46

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