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How can I stop Lithium to flatten input values that are arrays before validation?

The Validator::check method in Lithium calls Set::flatten on the input before processing validators, see here:

$values = Set::flatten($values);

The problem with this is that it assumes the values in $values are scalars. However, I am passing arrays to the model (which is a MongoDB document).


'users' => ['foo','bar']

will become

'users.0' => 'foo',
'users.1' => 'bar'

Which totally breaks validation, because it changes the property names.

I could actually just remove the flatten assignment, but I don't want to mess with the internals of the framework. Also I could convert the array to a JSON string, an object, etc. before validation, and convert it back later, but that just sounds lame :) On the other hand, I assume there should be an easy and nice way to skip flattening somehow.

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If you do a dump of the $options parameter to your rule (should be the 3rd param), you should be able to get an un-flattened version of the value. I'm assuming you're writing a custom validation rule? – Nate Abele Jun 6 '14 at 15:19
I don't see why it would be in $options. I did a dump and it is not there. $options looks something like this: ( [events] => create [model] => app\models\Foo [0] => notEmpty [message] => [required] => 1 [skipEmpty] => [format] => any [on] => [last] => ) According to the source code, the incoming value, if it is an array, is always flattened :( – Csongor Fagyal Jun 11 '14 at 13:54

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