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Right now I have a Node.js express app running on localhost:3000. On this page I have this javascript/jquery:

$(document).ready(function() {


As you can see I am trying to point to the about page which does load properly at localhost:3000/about. However, this jquery code does not load it. the alert is sending properly so I know the jquery is executing. additionally when I try to load something literal like '<p>test</p>' that works. But I am confused as to what I can put in the url parameter.

Most of the examples/tutorials I find online use urls like /resources/test.html or /resources/test.php . In other words- some file resource with a definite .abc ending (filetype). In this case, I understand that that file content is returned. But localhost:3000/about is created with a jade template. /about is routed to a view function in my controllers file which renders a template.

Can I still load this format of url with jquery? What format would the response be in? Would it just be the full html of the page? What format should I put the request url in? Assuming /about is generated dynamically - the output html is different based on the url request parameters. Can my ajax call return dynamically generated content?

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Have you had a look at your F12 (developer tools) to see what's happening on the network? –  derekdreery Jun 5 at 15:36
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