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require_once 'Google/Client.php'; 
require_once 'Google/Service/Bigquery.php';
$client = new Google_Client(); // Set your cached access token. Remember to replace $_SESSION with a 
                               // real database or memcached. 
if (isset($_SESSION['token'])) { 
$key = file_get_contents("api/My key-privatekey.p12"); 
$client->setAssertionCredentials(new Google_Auth_AssertionCredentials( "myr.gserviceaccount.com", array('https://www.googleapis.com/auth/bigquery'), $key) ); 
$project_id = 'calm-producer-505'; // Instantiate a new BigQuery Client 
$bigqueryService = new Google_Service_Bigquery($client); 
$query = new Google_Service_Bigquery_QueryRequest(); 
$sql = "SELECT account_number, customer_name, FROM [mydatabase] ORDER BY sales_value DESC, sales_value DESC, sales_value DESC LIMIT 10"; 
$jobs = $bigqueryService->jobs; 
$response = 
$jobs->query($project_id, $query); 
echo json_encode($response);

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Hi and Welcome to SO. Since you are new here I'll just point out a couple of things that will make your life (and ours easier). 1 - Title should be short and descriptive (I've fixed yours). Code should be formatted properly (look at the format buttons above the text entry box for clues). Question should be clearly stated either at the top, or bottom of the body. For more details, check stackoverflow.com/help/how-to- –  Michael Gardner Jun 5 '14 at 16:13

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