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I have a "license key"-protected DLL. I registered it as COM object and now I want to get access to objects from it from my code.

Please show me the way how to instantiate an object from DLL with the help of


I have TLD declaration file from the DLL imported into the Delphi.

inside I have:

TCNHV2Card = class(TOleServer)


procedure TCNHV2Card.InitServerData;
  CServerData: TServerData = (
  ClassID:   '{A741F100-1248-46A7-A8A2-DE069B612356}';
  IntfIID:   '{1683494B-3616-4588-BF63-ADDB104BC3F1}';
  EventIID:  '';
  LicenseKey: nil;
  Version: 500);
  ServerData := @CServerData;

and sure I have license key as a string.

What steps should I do to get the object instance?

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