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I have a table topMovies containing 100,000 records. Table fields are Id, name, movieId and year. Data in movieId field are stored like (/title/tt0111161/, ...), also in the field "year", data are inside parentheses for example (2008) instead of 2008.

Could someone kindly help me how I can change them to tt0111161 and 2008? (I mean deleting other characters like /title/ for movieId and () for year?

Thanks a lot,

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you should use some scripting language to change them before storing into database –  Tushar Gupta Jun 5 at 16:26
@tushar: so there is no way to directly upadte them in db? –  mOna Jun 5 at 17:27

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Try this

UPDATE topMovies
SET movieId = REPLACE(REPLACE(movieId,'/title/',''),'/',''),
year = REPLACE(REPLACE(year,'(',''), ')','')
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Thanks, I tested also your answer and it worked too :) –  mOna Jun 6 at 9:32

It worked this way for me:

UPDATE topMovies
SET movieId = RIGHT(movieId, LENGTH(movieId) - 7)

It subtracted left 7 characters that is /title/, and the rest was what I needed (movieId). the same way for deleting parenthesis in year column worked fine, just in order to delete the right parenthesis, I used LEFT(year, LENGHT(year) -1).

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