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Xcode organizer gave this warning when I tried to submit app. I am using Parse SDK in my app. Somewhere I read that removing -ObjC linker flag will solve it, but I can't remove it as Google AdMob requires it.

Please help!

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Did you find the solution ? –  Hoan Dang Jul 8 at 10:16
@HoanDang Yes, I removed -ObjC flag from other linked flags and used -force_load $(SRCROOT)/libGoogleAdMobAds.a -fobjc-arc instead. –  Azkaar Ali Jul 9 at 10:55

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I had a run-in with this problem as well. Removing the -ObjC flag was not enough, I actually had to include the latest Facebook SDK even though I don't use it (I weak linked it - build phases Optional). But then, I got duplicate symbols on Bolt-IOS because FacebookSDK hard linked that framework and I use it as well. The solution to this was to go into the src/FacebookSDK.xcodeproj and in the build phases change the Link Frameworks setting of BoltIOS to Optional. Then run the scripts/build_framework.sh After I included FacebookSDK as optional framework, the project validated properly in iTunes Connect and I was able to submit.

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