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I have an array of 30 columns and 800 rows (Sheet 1), each cell has either text or is blank. I want to check if ANY values in this array (specificially row by row) exist in a column (Custody List Hedge):


Sheet 1:

 ASKF    AQA6               
 ARO3    ASKD    AQA5           
 ASKA    ARMA    ARNA    ARMB    ARBA   
 ARMV    ARN6    ARNS    ARO6    AQFS   
 ARQ4    ARMJ    ARN4    ARNJ    ARO4    ARBJ

Custody List Hedge:

MCH Fund Number


I've tried count, match index, vlookups but nothing seems to really be working. I don't want to use VBA. I know this could be done with loops but there has to be a function set to do this. So far I tried this but I don't think it's working everytime, not sure why...

=INDEX('Sheet 1'!D:AE,MATCH('Custody list - Hedge'!A3,'Custody list - Hedge'!A:A,0),1)

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You have to do this in a single cell, or can we add a column beside MCH Fund Number to see if each item is in the other set, then perform an operation on that column? –  Denise Skidmore Jun 5 at 16:43
ideally in one cell but if it has to be in two or so that's okay. I'm essentially trying to do 40 vlookups in one formula –  user3712081 Jun 5 at 19:02

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For this, I put the text to search in A1 to F5, and the codes to search for in A11 to A17

First, we need to FIND the text in the string: FIND($A$11:$A$17,A1:F1)

Next, we need to realize we need this needs to be an array formula (else it will only check A11 and A1)
This is done by using CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER when we actually finish construction the formula
This results in a list that looks like #VALUE!;#VALUE!;#VALUE!;#VALUE!;#VALUE!;1

Now we convert this into something that tells us if the text was found
The values are converted by the ISERROR into TRUE;TRUE;TRUE;TRUE;TRUE;FALSE

Then we swap the values, so we have TRUE if found and FALSE if not, with NOT, which inverts everything to FALSE;FALSE;FALSE;FALSE;FALSE;TRUE

Next we convert those to numbers we can add with --. This is a trick to conver TRUE into 1 and FALSE into 0. We then have 0;0;0;0;0;1

Finally, we SUM the numbers, which will then tell us how many words in the list were found in the string you are searching

This will build a final formula that looks like this:


(The curly brackets, {} will let you know you entered an array formula)

You can then test this against 0 for nothing found, and >0 for some words found

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I think this is doing the opposite of what i'm trying to do. I'm looking to search in the Custody list Hedge list for ANY of the values on Sheet 1 –  user3712081 Jun 5 at 19:03
ah I also think the way you did it is givign me a number of how many are found. I need to see the values that are found. So for example if I find ASKF, ASKD, ARNA, ARO6 in the Custody list, I need to see ASKF, ASKD, ARO6, and ARNA as the output. That's why i think row by row is the best so i can just drag this down. So I would want to put in let's say G1 to output if ASKF or AQA6 was found in A1:A7. –  user3712081 Jun 5 at 19:05
do you need it output, or would highlighting do? A conditional formatting formula of =NOT(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(A1,$A$11:$A$17,1,False))) would allow you to set a highlight on any cell that is found in your list - note that you will have to enter the cell reference A1 by hand, else it will fix it in position, and not allow the conditional formatting to inspect each cell. –  Sean Cheshire Jun 5 at 20:30
i need an output, there are 32000 cells in total, and I wouldn't be able to go through each one to check for highlights. Even if I sorted and filtered on the columns it still would be too much. Ultimately, I'm just trying to search a column (Custody List Hedge) to see if any of the values from Sheet 1 are there on a row by row basis. so in your example, If A1 or B1 isn't there, My output would like to be N/A, blank, or 0 (anything pretty much). If either of those two values are in the array, I would want either of them to come back in the output (doesn't matter which one) thanks for your help –  user3712081 Jun 5 at 20:42

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