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I was reading the GTK+ 3 reference about the function gtk_button_new_from_stock. There is this part:

gtk_button_new_from_stock has been deprecated since version 3.10 and should not be used in newly-written code. Use gtk_button_new_with_label() instead.

Then, I read the reference about gtk_button_new_with_label(), but there is no word about the possibility of creating a button from stock.

I've tried using


but I only get a button with the label gtk-media-play. Any way, when I use


I obtain what I want but I have also a lot of warnings about deprecation.

How do I use the suggested function gtk_button_new_with_label in order to obtain a button with stock image? How can I solve this situation without using deprecated functions?

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Stock items in general have been deprecated. You probably want new_from_icon_name() instead (I think the documentation should actually refer to that). There's a standard for icon names.

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Thanks a lot! I think that the official GTK+ reference is ambiguous and should be improved –  the_candyman Jun 8 at 15:41

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