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I need to have 3 major things from perl and don't know how to go about it.

  • Non Blocking websocket implementation like mojo.
  • The server needs to accept broadcast calls after it has started
  • The server needs to be able to access data that is on a different thread.

I have tried mojo but didn't find a way to control the port (I can live with that) and didn't figure out how to call events after the server has started. I wasn't able to test if it could handle events after the fact.

I have tried Net::WebSocket::Server but it is blocking. I am tempted to wrap my own code around it so that it can handle non blocking and shared data as it is by far the simplest implementation and easy to modify.

I have also tried pocket.io but it didn't have a very easy way to implement OO design and still remain thread safe. (Mostly because of the Plack framework).

Does anyone have a good example of how to do this with Mojolicious or pocket.io? If not I will just have to implement my own implementation.

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I would take a longer look at Mojolicious and this and this example. Mojo does all that you are asking for, but it is spread out in the docs. –  Matt Green Jul 24 at 3:10

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