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Is it possible for parallel execution of selenium recorded html test case or html suite. Is it possible through j unit or test-ng or ant.

I have looked everywhere for days but did not find anything. thanks.

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It's not possible to run the recorded scripts in Grid without doing any changes.

If you are okay to do changes, read below.

Assuming that you used Selenium FireFox IDE plugin to record test cases...

  • Export your recorded scripts to appropriate(junit) version using the IDE menu option
  • Change the usage to RemoteWebDriver
  • Configure jUnit (proper installations required)
  • Setup Grid with jUnit (lot of documents available)

Not clear? Please do a Google search :)



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how want to run the script html format. dont want to convert it into junit format –  user3612661 Jun 5 at 19:00
even if i exported as junit format. I think its difficult for parallel execution unless I edit in thr recorded script. Im looking for a way to run the recorded script parallely without making any change in it. –  user3612661 Jun 5 at 19:09
Edited my answer. –  Purus Jun 6 at 11:14

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