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I tried accessing parent class properties in its daughter class but I keep getting this error Fatal error: undefined class constant 'arms' on line 26 of blabla.php. This is my code below in blabla.php


class mother
  public $legs;
  public $arms;
  public $eyes;

   function say($arm,$eye,$leg)
   $this->arms =  'pretty';
   $this->eyes = 'stunning';
   $this->legs = 'beautiful slim';

class daughter extends mother
 public $newArms;
 public $newEyes;
 public $newLegs;

 public function newSay()
   $this->newArms = parent::arms;
   $this->newEyes = parent::eyes;
   $this->newLegs = parent::legsparent::arms;
   echo 'I have a beautiful daughter who has '.$this->newArms.' arms, '.$this->newEyes.' eyes and '.$this->newLegs.' legs';


$baby = new daughter();


if there is a mistake in my code, please show me and how to correct it. Thanks in advance.

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You are making a fundamental mistake. Daughter should not extend Mother. A mother has a daughter, the daughter is a new entity, not an extension of the mother. –  vascowhite Jun 5 '14 at 19:03

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You got your syntax wrong.


is used to access class constants as your errormessage says.

A class constant is defined using the const keyword in the class' body.

However, you want to access the property of an object. You have to use $this for that

Inside a methods body: $this->propertyName. You have to make sure that the property is visible to its child classes, so you either need to make it protected or public or have the magic __get method implemented or have custom getters and setters defined and call them instead of the actual property.

You also don't use the parent keyword for this. parent always looks for static fields of the parent class and is generally not tied to an instance. (You can however use it to call a method from the parent class in the context of its child class)

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Seems that way. Corrected now. Just wanted to show what the syntax he used is actually meant for. –  Rangad Jun 5 '14 at 18:59
Thanks again. I got you, so that means I can only access those properties through functions, the __get() and the __set(). –  Dr. Professor Jun 5 '14 at 20:13
I got it worked just that its a bit more coding than i planned expecially when trying to access many mother properties Thanks a lot. –  Dr. Professor Jun 5 '14 at 21:02

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