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I'm having a bit of trouble with the in-app purchases I could not find anything that helped.

I used this tutorial http://www.raywenderlich.com/21081/introduction-to-in-app-purchases-in-ios-6-tutorial

the only difference is that I created Consumable in the manage In-App Purchases (iTunes Connect)

I access all the itens created to purchases, but when I actually buy it, I get the alert for my password, when I entered nothing happens.

it do not get in the - (void)paymentQueue:(SKPaymentQueue *)queue updatedTransactions:(NSArray *)transactions

another problem is that, since I'm testing I'm buying the same thing a bunch of times, and I`m getting the pop up that I already bought it but didn't downloaded it, there is nothing to download... I just want to know if the user payed so I can give him the coins.

this part is running ok

- (void)productsRequest:(SKProductsRequest *)request didReceiveResponse:(SKProductsResponse *)response {
    NSLog(@"Loaded list of products...");
    _productsRequest = nil;

    NSArray * skProducts = response.products;
    for (SKProduct * skProduct in skProducts) {
        NSLog(@"Found product: %@ %@ %0.2f",

    _completionHandler(YES, skProducts);
    _completionHandler = nil;


the problem is after I call this method

- (void)buyProduct:(SKProduct *)product {

    NSLog(@"Buying %@...", product.productIdentifier);

    SKPayment * payment = [SKPayment paymentWithProduct:product];
    [[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addPayment:payment];


I never get into

- (void)paymentQueue:(SKPaymentQueue *)queue updatedTransactions:(NSArray *)transactions
    for (SKPaymentTransaction * transaction in transactions) {
        switch (transaction.transactionState)
            case SKPaymentTransactionStatePurchased:
                [self completeTransaction:transaction];
            case SKPaymentTransactionStateFailed:
                [self failedTransaction:transaction];
//            case SKPaymentTransactionStateRestored:
//                [self restoreTransaction:transaction];
                [[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] finishTransaction:transaction];


Please help!

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Are you using an actual test account set up in iTunes Connect? –  Sean Jun 5 at 19:19

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