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I have a git repository with two folders say A and B. I would like to put a .gitignore file in each folder so that when I am working in A files in B are ignored and while I am working in B files in A are ignored. Is this possible? A .gitignore file in A with the line ../B or ../B/* etc does not work.

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This sounds like it would be better addressed just by using two different branches. – BlackVegetable Jun 5 '14 at 19:03

That isn't possible, no. The best solution is to use directory suffixes to your commands when doing something like that. EG, when sitting in A to ignore B:

git status .


git status /path/to/A

Note that most git commands accept this, including git commit. So instead of git commit -a to commit everything, just do a git commit /path/to/A.

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