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i want to set a DVB-TTYogesh Normal (true type) font to grid. for that i added the following to grid, style:'font-family:DVB-TTYogesh'.

but the data in the grid still show "pcmcÁÖß´Ö.³ÖÖêÃÖ»Öê" like this and i want it in actualform

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I assume that font is actually installed on your system (and it must be installed on all users' systems to display for them). Also, check that your page is using UTF-8 encoding.

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yes that font is installed and my js file has UTF-8 encoding style:'font-family:DVB-TTYogesh' when i just am tring to do the following for checking is it apply the font or not , style:'font-family:Arial Black' it does not show any effect on my grid what is the problem here??? – vishvesha Mar 9 '10 at 7:45
In that case your CSS is probably wrong. Make sure you are specifying your rule like this: .x-grid3-row td { font-family: ... } – bmoeskau Mar 9 '10 at 14:16

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