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Say I have an observableA which gets data from network and emits it, if I do subscription to this observable each time it tries to request data from network which is heavy.

I want to create BehaviorSubject and connect it to observableA, so that any other threads/objects will subscribe to BehaviorSubject in order to get latest emitted data.

So far I couldnt manage it to code. I cannot create empty BehaviorSubject and call inside observableA, because they are not related to each other. I cannot subscribe to observableA and get BehaviorSubject as observer, any idea how can I accomplish it? or maybe even better?

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You can use multicast. E.g.,

Observable<String> o = ...;
ConnectableObservable<String> co = o.multicast(BehaviorSubject.<String> create());
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In Rx.NET we'd use one of the Publish overloads that accepts an initialValue parameter. Essentially, it's just a shorter way of doing a multicast like zsxwing described. I'm not sure whether Rx.Java offers these overloaded Publish methods.

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