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I have a table row with a Delete link on it for deleting that row. I want to create a jQuery feature that pops up above that Delete link an "Are you sure?" yes/no confirm dialog, but in a very small size.

How do I achieve this in the least lines of code in jQuery?

I mean, I need to determine the x,y of the Delete link that was detected from a click, and then move (and fadeIn()) a DIV into that location. If they click anywhere on that page except Yes on the yes/no, the thing does a fadeOut(). If they click Yes, then it deletes the row with a fadeOut() effect.

Note on this I don't need a modal screen dimmer, but the confirm needs to work modally.

(Items above that are bolded are something I don't exactly know how to do. Items bolded and italicized are important to what I need to do.)

I would think a widget like this would be critical to any Web 2.0 design, much like the Pines Notify feature seems essential.

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See jQuery Impromptu. There you can find a lot of samples.

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Do you know of anything like this, but more like what I'm asking for, and in less lines of code? –  Volomike Mar 9 '10 at 6:49

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