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I have created a subscription button via paypal so my customers can pay in installments. I have the html code for it, however I can't figure out where to place the code in order to make the button work. I have a bigcartel site, but am open to any other free sites if anyone know's any where I can get the button to work. Please help!

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Could you post some of the code? Obviously, leave out sensitive information, but we need a little to work off of in order to help you. Thanks! –  Brobin Jun 5 at 21:54
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You need the Platinum and above to insert your custom code; the basic plan does not give you this ability to inject code via an html editor.

here are a couple of free sites that allow you to inject your own paypal donation button code with their free pages and site buildler

www.weebly.com www.wix.com

hope this helps

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