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friends i want to provide facility to my users to upload multiple images into my website using asp.net 2.0, using single file uploader i.e. want to upload all the image file from a folder. Or suggest me any alternate way. Help me. Thanks in advance.

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This is not yet possible in (X)HTML.

  • HTML5 will support it, and some browsers already have a working implementation, but it's still a draft and not widespread (Firefox 3.6+ and Webkit only at the moment);
  • SWFUpload is a common alternative but it requires Flash.
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  • using pure HTML you can only upload single files. This is how HTML is structured. The file upload tag only takes a file, not a folder. Security reasons.
  • You may want to look at Silverlight / Flash for a control allowing upload of a folder.
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swfUpload is really nice. And although it is flash it degrades very nicely to HTML upload if flashnot installed.

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