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I want to set color of some elements to default link color with CSS.

<a href="/">That color</a> is the same as <span style="color: link;">that</span>.

Any way to do that? This website don't change default browser's link color.

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Even if you don't change the default color, it would still be a good idea to specify the color to ensure that it looks the same in all browsers. I'd put something like this in the stylesheet:

a, span.link {
  color: blue;

a:visited, span.visited {
   color: purple;

a:active, span.active {
   color: red;

Then you can style spans as links by <span class="link">Your fake link</span>

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after some time messing around with testing pure css and css/javascript i'm sure you can't set the color of any other element to the default link-color of the browser - but like Machine said, you can try using classes to do this (but you won't be able to use the browser defaults, you have to set your own colors)

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If you want to set to a new color for a link or to prevent the change of the color of a specific link after visiting it, add inside the <a> tag:

<A STYLE="text-decoration:none; color=[select your favorite...]" HREF="link.html">test link</A>
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