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I'd like to access some web api's using .net code, but am not sure if there's a way to generate a client side wrapper of some kind for these? Perhaps a code generator that can look at the web api documentation or through sample calls and generated .net classes and methods to encapsulate the api?

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There isn't. REST-based APIs do not have a WSDL or service contract that could be used to generate a client stub.

That said, consider the following alternatives:

  • REST Coder: this is interesting research but no definitive tools yet.
  • Google for .NET WCF REST client: it turns up a lot of interesting results.
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will do, thanks –  boomhauer Jun 5 '14 at 23:12

As far as I know, there isn't. However, you can try one of the many wrappers available, that makes your life easier once you have to write less code.

Check this one out I've written a few months ago:


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