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We are using Elastic Search and as part of a requirement we want to be able to distinguish hits generated by the synonym filter from those that are not because of synonyms.

For example if we had a query such as:

(car AND red) AND (NOT ford)

With synonym: color <-> red

Then we want to know:

[the red car] is a simple hit.


[the color of the car] is a hit caused by the synonym filter.

Our synonym filter is defined as follows:

        synonym_filter :
            type : synonym
            synonyms_path : synonyms.txt
            ignore_case : true
            expand : true
            format : solr

Since the synonym filter does its work by modifying the token stream at index time there might not be a straightforward way to do this. Perhaps by using the highlighting functionality there might be an algorithm.

I was wondering if anybody has experience with this kind of solution or if a clever solution exists for this requirement. Thank you in advance.

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I believe the best solution would be to search content with synonyms separately from content without.

That is, if you are applying the SynonymFilter at index time, then index the content twice, once without synonyms, and once with synonyms (and possibly any other filters to facilitate a broader search). You could then either run separate queries against the two fields, or you could run a single query with matches against the more direct field significantly boosted.

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