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I have a table with this particular date column in PostgreSQL, I need to retrieve the all record based on one specific Id using Slick 2.0, I'm using Joda to manage the dates

    IdTable Int NOT NULL,
    Name varchar(64),
    Created_Date timestamp with time zone DEFAULT now()

Then I try to map it in Slick in this way:

val Created_Date: Column[Option[DateTime]] = columnOption[DateTime]

As soon as I add the Created_Date column in my table, the method to retrieve the records fails. What's the right way to map a datetime with time zone in Slick using Joda? Any recomendation?

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I've been successful retrieving timestamp with time zone columns in Slick 2.x using:

def timestamp = column[Timestamp]("timestamp", O.Default(null))
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To use a db type with a scala type, you need define a type mapper, which was used to convert between db raw data and scala object.

You can define yours by using slick MappedColumnType, since timestamp was already built-in supported by slick. Here's the guide content for slick 2.0.3

But you can also employ other existing libraries, like: slick-pg, slick-joda-mapper.

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