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I am looking for some way of implementing OpenLDAP on WindowsXP. Is this possible? If Yes thn please tell me how?

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it is possible. How - well, OpenLdap has documentation.

The main question is - what for. Note that XP has a pretty limited TCP stack, so "being too cheap to buy active directory" is going to come and bite you.

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Just to add - read voxgratia.org/docs/windows_openldap.html –  TomTom Mar 9 '10 at 7:07
I am just testing it for my project where i need to sync AD with OpenLDAP. My project is going to be on PHP in linux enviroment. –  Shahzad Fateh Ali Mar 9 '10 at 7:12
Makes sense then. Link provided. Note still the TCP connection limit - if you run into that you may get funny behavior, so just keep it in mind. –  TomTom Mar 9 '10 at 7:14

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