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I have a data frame of two variables, x and y in R. What i want to do is bin each entry by its value of x, but then display the density of the value of y for all entries in each bin. More specifically, for each interval in units of x, i want to plot the sum(of all values of y of entries whose values of x are in the specific interval)/(sum of all values of y for all entries). I know how to do this manually via vector manipulation, but i have to make a lot of these plots and wanted to know if their was a quicker way to do this, maybe via some advanced hist.

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You could generate the groupings using cut and then use a facet_grid to display the multiple histograms:

# Sample data with y depending on x
dat <- data.frame(x=rnorm(1000))
dat$y <- dat$x + rnorm(1000)

# Generate bins of x values
dat$grp <- cut(dat$x, breaks=2)

# Plot
ggplot(dat, aes(x=y)) + geom_histogram() + facet_grid(grp~.)

enter image description here

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