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I'm trying to save data in Google Cloud Datastore with PHP (with the Google APIs Client Library for PHP) from Google App Engine. With the help of this two tutorials, I was able to store a serialized object in the Datastore.

From the Datastore Web Console I can see the whole serialized string of data:

O:31:"Google_Service_Analytics_GaData":23:{s:20:"*columnHeadersType";s:44:"Google_Service_Analytics_GaDataColumnHeaders";s:24:"*columnHeadersDataType";s:5:"array";s:19:"containsSampledData";b:1;s:16:"*dataTableType";s:40:"Google_Service_Analytics_GaDataDataTable";s:20:"*dataTableDataType";s:0:"";s:2:"id";s:259:"https://www.googleapis.com/analytics/v3/data/ga?ids=ga:XXXXX&dimensions=ga:dimension17&metrics=ga:pageviews&filters=ga:dimension18%3D~%5E/2014/05/%5B%5E/%5D%2B/%5B%5E/%5D%2B/;ga:dimension17%3D%3Dpost& [...]

But when I try to get the data, I only receive a few characters:


There are limitations I do not know?

Here's the relevant code for the request:

$name = fetch_by_name($name);

function fetch_by_name($key_name) {
$path = new Google_Service_Datastore_KeyPathElement();
$key = createKey();
return fetch_by_key($key, $txn);

function fetch_by_key($key, $txn = null) {
$lookup_req = new Google_Service_Datastore_LookupRequest();

$response = lookup($lookup_req);
$found = $response->getFound();
$extracted = extractQueryResults($found);
return $extracted;

function lookup(Google_Service_Datastore_LookupRequest $postBody, $optParams = []) {
global $dataset_id;
global $service_dataset;
return $service_dataset->lookup($dataset_id, $postBody, $optParams);
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