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I have a view model that contains an "IsChecked" property. This property is bound to a DataGrid RowHeaderTemplate.

I'd like to be able to hold down the shift + ctrl keyboard modifiers to allow for multiple checkbox values to be updated.

For example: If you check the checkbox in the first row, hold down shift, and check the checkbox in the 5th row; rows 1-5 would then have a checked checkbox.

Below is the row header template:

        <CheckBox VerticalAlignment="Center"
                  IsChecked="{Binding IsChecked}" />

I've tried several combinations of capturing PreviewMouseLeftButtonDown and KeyPress events, but I'm not sure this is even possible with a bound property.

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I've come up with a solution by listening to the IsChecked property changed. This does the trick for my needs.

    private void OnItemOnPropertyChanged(object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs propertyChangedEventArgs)
            ItemViewModel newCheckedItem = sender as ItemViewModel;

            int newCheckedItemIndex = _items.IndexOf(newCheckedItem);

            if ((Keyboard.IsKeyDown(Key.LeftShift) || Keyboard.IsKeyDown(Key.RightShift)) && newCheckedItemIndex != _lastCheckedItemIndex)
                int start = Math.Min(_lastCheckedItemIndex, newCheckedItemIndex);
                int end = Math.Max(_lastCheckedItemIndex, newCheckedItemIndex);

                int countToTake = end - start;

                var itemsToCheck = _items.Skip(start).Take(countToTake).ToList();

                foreach (ItemViewModel itemToCheck in itemsToCheck)
                    // Unhook the property changed event so we don't enter this method again
                    itemToCheck.PropertyChanged -= OnItemOnPropertyChanged;

                    itemToCheck.IsChecked = true;
                    // Re-register the proeprty changed event so that if we're unchecked/re-checked, we can respond.
                    itemToCheck.PropertyChanged += OnItemOnPropertyChanged;

                _lastCheckedItemIndex = -1;
                _lastCheckedItemIndex = newCheckedItemIndex;
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nice solution, I had something similar in mind, just didn't came out as code. –  pushpraj Jun 6 '14 at 8:58

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