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When I use the Parallel::Forkmanager to accomplish parallel process for remote ssh, I met "SSHAuthenticationError Login timed out" issue if the remote device is unreachable and then the STDOUT is totally messed up. So how can I fix this messed STDOUT issue? Why we can use the eval{ ssh operation } to work around? Thanks.

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Net::SSH::Expect is quite unreliable. As Chankey has already pointed out, use Net::OpenSSH, or even better, Net::OpenSSH::Parallel. – salva Jun 13 '14 at 7:59

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You can try Net::OpenSSH, it would even let you run the operations in parallel in all the hosts without too much hassle.

You can also try increasing the timeout.

Another possible solution might be something like below

my $retry_count = 0;
    $rc = eval{$ssh->login();};
    last if defined $rc;
    last if $retry_count >= $max_retry_count;
    sleep 1;

Also see: Net::SSH::Perl, Net::SSH::Expect crashes script if host is unreachable

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