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I am using RichTextBox control in my application, and I am saving the contents of it to the hard drive. The text in the RichTextBox control contains some "vbNewLine" constants. The file saves successfully, but the "vbNewLine" becomes a Mac OS X/UNIX style newline (one not recognized by Notepad). The newlines display correctly while in the RichTextBox, but when I save the file, they don't appear. I am using VB.NET.

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When you are using RichTextBox, you should save your file in *.rtf format.

However, you can save it in *.txt format with RichTextBox.SaveFile(String, RichTextBoxStreamType).

RichTextBox1.SaveFile("", RichTextBoxStreamType.PlainText)
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Firstly, vbNewLine does not mysteriously transform itself into a UNIX style new line. vbNewLine and UNIX new line are the exact same thing: character 10 in the ASCII table.

Next, Windows notepad does not recognize vbNewLine as a new line. It only accepts the dual-byte line terminator vbCrLf: character 13 followed by character 10 on the ASCII table.

On Windows you use vbCrLf CHR 13, 10
On UNIX/OS X you use vbNewLine or vbLf CHR 10
and on MacOS you use vbCr CHR 13

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