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I've seen the method raise a search.TransientError, and I know other methods may raise such errors as well, but in the documentation, I'm seeing code like this:

# Index the document.
except search.PutError, e:
    result = e.results[0]
    if result.code == search.OperationResult.TRANSIENT_ERROR:
        # possibly retry indexing result.object_id
except search.Error, e:
    # possibly log the failure

When are checks like this necessary, and in which cases can I rely on search.TransientErrorbeing raised?

Looking through the source code, it looks like some (if not all) methods of the Index class use the _MakeSyncSearchServiceCall function, which, if anything goes wrong, calls _ToSearchError passing in an exception. This error returns an element from the _ERROR_MAP dictionary, based on the application_error property of the error. This dictionary contains theTransientError`, so it is clear that it is raised in certain cases.

So, when is it necessary to check result.code, and what other errors could be raised in cases that are out of my control?

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Were you able to figure anything more out about this? – user3058197 Aug 1 '14 at 13:16

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