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Hello all im trying to compile the poco lib in vs express 2008 but im keep getting this error : poco-1.3.6p2\foundation\src\eventlogchannel.cpp(40) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'pocomsg.h': No such file or directory no i have the mc.exe in my sdk and all the paths in the IDE are seams to be right and nada . does any one have experience with this lib ?

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First try searching for that file in the source you downloaded. If you can't find it, you're missing a file.

If it's there, you're missing a directory include - go to eventlogchannel.cpp right click on the #include and select Open document. An error dialog will popup, showing you every directory that was searched - you should be able to confirm that the directory with 'pocomsg.h' in it isn't there. You can then add it to the project settings.

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well i know i need to build it with mc.exe but when i try to compile it with the compiler it say it can't find this file that is the product of the mc.exe –  user63898 Mar 9 '10 at 9:56

pocomsg.h should be found in ../Foundation/src/

It doesn't contain too much important stuff though, the main guts of it are a couple of defines:

#define POCO_CTG_FATAL                   0x00000001L
#define POCO_CTG_CRITICAL                0x00000002L
#define POCO_CTG_ERROR                   0x00000003L
#define POCO_CTG_WARNING                 0x00000004L
#define POCO_CTG_NOTICE                  0x00000005L
#define POCO_CTG_INFORMATION             0x00000006L
#define POCO_CTG_DEBUG                   0x00000007L
#define POCO_CTG_TRACE                   0x00000008L
#define POCO_MSG_LOG                     0x00001000L

Are the guts of the file. Try defining them yourself in Poco.h, possibly.

As a side note, it says in the header that the file is automatically generated from pocomsg.mc, so try running a script prior to compile, possibly those in the Poco root directory?

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