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what the best c++ libs that are simple to use and have no problems to compile in the windows express vs 2008 compilers ? is it best to use different libs for each purpose or to use one generic lib ?

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Regarding the static bit. Many C++ libraries (especially the cross-platforms ones) are offered as source tarballs so you get to choose if they are static or not when you compile them. – Alexandre Jasmin Mar 9 '10 at 8:18

Boost has all two of those.

It's free, it's an industry standard, very robust, thoroughly tested, and simple to use.

For XML, many people use TinyXML.

(edit: I lied, thought Boost had XML for some reason...)

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I'd use Boost for network & threading. And xerses for parsing XML. Check this question also.

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QT has support for these. See the examples, see how to install

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  • network Boost.Asio
  • threading Boost.Thread
  • XML tinyXML
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POCO has all of it. And it's easy to use as well.

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