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I faced with problem displaying datagrid component ng-grid from Angular UI on Yeoman based project.

I would like to display filled data grid component for example in controller called 'Main'. But always get error message like this:

TypeError: Cannot set property 'gridDim' of undefined

I think, that structure is o.k (because in other project without separated cotrollers is everything working fine).

Could somebody tell me what i'm doing wrong?

Many thanks for any advice.

Here is the code:


'use strict';

var usedAngularModules = [ 'ngRoute', 'ngGrid', 'ngCookies', 'ngResource', 'kendo.directives','ngSanitize',
        'ngRoute' ];

// define application controllers
var app = angular.module('sanboxClientApp', usedAngularModules).
        [ '$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) {
            $routeProvider.when('/', {
                templateUrl : 'views/main.html',
                controller : 'MainController'
            }).when('/users', {
                templateUrl : 'views/users.html',
                controller : 'UsersCtrl'
            }).when('/orders', {
                templateUrl : 'views/orders.html',
                controller : 'OrdersController'
                redirectTo : '/'
        } ]);

// Access to a global variables
app.run(function ($rootScope) {
    $rootScope.apiBaseUrl = 'http://www.inorthwind.com/Service1.svc/'; //global variable

Main controller - main.js:

'use strict';

var orders = angular.module('sanboxClientApp'); // angular module is accessible like this

orders.controller('MainController', function($scope, $http, $rootScope) {

     * GET  
    $scope.getTest = function() {

        var dataToDisplay;

        .success(function (data, status, headers, config) {
                dataToDisplay = data;
                console.log('Sucess' + data);

                // definition for ng-grid table 
                $scope.gridOptions = { 
                    data: dataToDisplay,
                    columnDefs: [
                                     {field:'City', displayName:'City'}, 
                                     {field:'CompanyName', displayName:'Company'}, 
                                     {field:'CustomerID', displayName:'Customer'}
                    showGroupPanel: true,
                    enablePinning: true,
                    enableCellEditOnFocus: true,
                    pagingOptions:{ pageSizes: [10, 20, 50], pageSize: 10, totalServerItems: 2, currentPage: 2 }

        .error(function(data, status, headers, config) {
                $scope.myData = data;




<div class="gridStyle" ng-grid="gridOptions"></div>
<div data-ng-controller="MainController" data-ng-init="getTest()"></div>
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I found that if $scope.gridOptions is outside the $scope.getTest function table is displayed but without data. –  redrom Jun 6 at 8:20

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